Tuesday, April 12, 2016

22 happy things.

spontaneous Friday night trips to Ikea.

a new coffee table.

finally using the handmade coasters we bought in Cambodia.

lilac scented hand soap.

lilac scented candles.

my overall Think Dirty rating dropping to a 2.

hot chocolate in my polka dot mug.

singing "my momma don't like you and she likes everyone" over and over. (and over.)

a Sunday night sushi date with T and Melissa.

T letting me eat most of the leftover sushi for lunch the next day.

daily hugs from S, a student from last year.

singing "The Woman I Love" with Tony.

wearing comfy clothes to school because field trip!

T bringing me a coffee when the field trip was cancelled.

sunlight, and pausing to appreciate a golden moment.


purple nail polish on my toes.

beer, because this.

eating this salad, again.

leftover croissants for breakfast. with peanut butter, of course.

every time I see T wearing his glasses. he's so good looking.

spontaneous dance parties in the apartment, even when it's just a party of one, aka me.

What's making you happy lately?

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