Monday, April 11, 2016


It was a good week on the internet!

// How delicious does this spicy cashew chicken dish look? Definitely added it to my slow cooker Pinterest board.

//10 tricks guaranteed to get you to drink more water. Now if only I'd remember the tricks!

// If I was willing to spend $51 on a novelty purse, I'd totally buy this one or this one.

// "The vagina is a self-cleaning oven." Haha! But really: 11 Pressing Questions for an Ob-Gyn.

// I've just discovered jojoba oil, which is apparently magical.

// Would you ever make your own laundry soap?

// Surprisingly, I'm loving this butts throw pillow.

// How the rest of the world caught up to Tegan and Sara. Did you preorder their new album? If you did, maybe we should be friends.

// Rory Gilmore is a teacher?!

// "I tried natural deodorant for 6 months & here’s what happened." Happy to see Schmidt's was a winner for her, too! I love the lavender + sage scent.

// Funny because it's true: What overthinking looks like.

(Image: Max Wanger)

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