Friday, April 17, 2015

happy friday!

This week seemed to go by rather quickly and I'm looking forward to the weekend! Plans include grocery shopping, a birthday dinner, and a possible brunch. All mixed with relaxation, of course.

One of the random signs we spotted in the Wudaoying Hutong.

Here's some of what made me happy this week:

// Exploring Lama Temple and the Wudaoying Hutong with friends last weekend. (Followed by dinner at Great Leap. Their cheeseburger, drool.)

// A lunch date with Melissa. Always nice to catch up with a friend.

// Juice cleanse! I did a 3-day juice cleanse this week (today's the last day) and I feel great!

// One of my kiddos gave me a magnet. So sweet.

// Another of my kiddos very proudly gave me a random pop-up card, no envelope. Kids really are the sweetest. (Most of the time.)

// Realizing that my bachelorette weekend in Hong Kong is in 2 weeks! Hooray!

What made you happy this week?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

resources for twenty-somethings / 18 things.

resources for twenty-somethings.

Yah, I'm engaged and I have a career, but I promise, I still have SO MANY moments of doubt. Finding articles like Sarah's "18 Things I Really (Really!) Wish I'd Known In My 20s" is comforting. We've all been there. Some of us are still there. Let's learn from each other.

Of the 18 things, these 3 are my favourite:

3. It really doesn't matter what you major in.

What does matter? The internships you get, your work ethic, your interpersonal skills, who you know. High-five, 22-year-old self! You didn't ruin everything with that English degree! Just make sure to get work experience in many different fields until you find one that you love!

7. When in doubt, make the effort.

You'll never regret wearing that nice outfit, buying the thoughtful gift for the friend you haven't heard from in a while or over-tipping. If it doesn't work out, at least you'll know you did your best.

9. There are seven billion people in the world.

I promise you, you'll love someone else. You'll make new friends. You'll find coworkers and neighbors that are awesome. If it's too hard (or if someone is making you feel bad) then walk away. There are a million other people out there who won't make you feel bad! Learning to let go of relationships is one of the most liberating experiences you'll ever have.

The other 15 are pretty solid, too.

P.S. More resources for twenty-somethings.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

welcome to china / 9.

Where a man selling a turtle—to eat or to be a pet—on the side of the road, is not as unusual a sight as it sounds.

Monday, April 13, 2015


// Spotting this photo in my Instagram feed made me smile.

// Living in a loft this gorgeous sounds like heaven. (Plus, it's in NYC!)

// I wanna make this (real talk, I want Tony to make this): pasta with yogurt and caramelized onions.

// It's so interesting to see the beauty standards men have around the world.

// Yah, I updated my phone mainly for the new emojis. (Hooray, Apple, for diversity! But please, I'd like to see interracial couples next.)

// 14 amazing apps for anyone living with anxiety. (I downloaded the first one.)

// I hate to say it, but I think I'd walk through the "average" door. Which door would you walk through?

// I didn't love the trailer, but I'm still excited for season 3 of Orange Is the New Black.

(Photo by Digital Editz)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

103 days.

I had a bit of a surreal moment today when the manager at our fave brunch spot asked, "Is your husband here today?"


It's the first time someone has called Tony my husband not jokingly. Melissa and I grinned at each other like idiots and I almost teared up. He's going to be my husband. (!!!!)

wedding countdown

In other news, I had no idea how many days there were until the wedding until last weekend when I was checking my to do list on The Knot. 110 DAYS TO GO! I freaked out a bit, I didn't know how many days there were! I don't have a countdown! I'm not one of those brides that has a countdown! And then Melissa laughed and showed me her phone, "I have a countdown."

As of today, there are 103 days until Tony is officially my husband. Eek!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

words for the weekend / 15.

I think these words can be permission to relax or a kick in the butt to go after what you want. All we have is life time. Go.

(Desktop wallpaper)
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