Thursday, July 02, 2015

currently obsessed: karma.

currently obsessed: Lush Karma

My obsession with Lush's Karma scent began with the bubble bar. I loved it. I love their bubble bars in general—so many bubbles and leaves my skin soft!—but the Karma scent, love.

I ordered the Karma solid perfume on a whim. I had tried the Sun solid perfume and didn't love it, but reviews for Karma were better. (I liked the Sun scent, it just didn't last very long—not even through the morning.)

currently obsessed: Lush Karma

Luckily, the Karma scent lasted longer than the Sun did. I liked the solid perfume so much, I decided to try the spray version. I bought the small bottle first, and then ended up ordering the bigger bottle. I still find that I sometimes need to reapply it halfway through the day, though. I apply the spray in the morning and maybe use the solid in the afternoon (I keep it in my desk at work). 

Since I began wearing it, I've received a lot of compliments! 

Two more things: 1) While "regular" perfumes give me a headache, Lush perfumes don't bother me! 2) I wouldn't consider myself a patchouli fan, but still love this scent! In fact, I like the scent so much, I've also been using the Karma Kream body lotion and even ordered the solid shampoo bar.

Yup, it's safe to say I'm obsessed.

(This is not a sponsored post. I just want to share the things that I'm using and loving, or rather, currently obsessed with.) 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

happy canada day!

“I think this is the greatest and best country in all the world, with its great sunlit spaces and its long, long roads, and best of all the roads that are not made yet, and the stories that no one has told because they are too busy living them.” — Nellie McClung

“I think this is the greatest and best country in all the world, with its great sunlit spaces and its long, long roads, and best of all the roads that are not made yet, and the stories that no one has told because they are too busy living them.” — Nellie McClung

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

june book report.

"It was good to walk into a library again; it smelled like home." - Elizabeth Kostova

These are all the books that I read in June. The first four I read in Beijing (and on the plane home), and the last four I read since being home. Have I mentioned I love libraries and vacation?

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty / I really liked this book. It was fun and light, but also serious: Will Alice get her memory back? What will happen to her marriage? The rest of her family? It was a little predictable, but also felt refreshing, if that makes sense.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins / I think because of all the hype and rave reviews, I was expecting great things. Maybe my standards were too high, but I didn't love it or even like it that much. It was too slow for me, I think, and a little boring. That being said, I did speed through it because I wanted to know what happened.

Inside the O'Briens by Lisa Genova / I read this book so fast. It was one of those ones that I would think all day, I can't wait to read when I get home! It's about a family struggling with Huntington's disease and the characters are so real. They aren't perfect or unimaginable; I ended up feeling like I knew them. The ending was a little disappointing, only because I wanted to know exactly what would happen. I've read all of Genova's books and I think this and Still Alice are my favourites.

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty / This is the third book by Moriarty I've read. I hate to say it, but I didn't like it that much. It seemed like there were too many characters and we didn't get to know any of them very well. It just didn't feel like a very rich novel. I finished it because I had to see how it ended (I liked that we find out what happens to everyone), but it wasn't as good as her other novels I've read.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel / I borrowed this book from the library based on a review by my favourite blogger Elise. When I picked it up and read the description, I told my Nan, "This is not the type of book I'd usually pick for myself, but Elise and I have similar tastes, so I'll try it." It's set mostly in Canada, which is cool. And it was well written. Bottom line, I liked it but didn't love it.

The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes / I read this in just a couple evening hours, a few jet-lagged early morning hours, and then a couple more late morning hours. It was so good. This is the third book by Moyes that I've read, and although I've enjoyed them all, this one is my favourite so far. It takes place during World War I and current time, telling a rich story of people connected by a painting. Read it; you won't regret it.

We Are Called to Rise by Laura McBride / This was an interesting read told from the points of view of a few different people who all end up being connected somehow. I really liked it and recommend.

The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand / I don't think I've read a book by Hilderbrand that I didn't like. This one is set in a restaurant on Nantucket and it was a fun, quick, and easy read. Great for summer!

Monday, June 29, 2015


// Please make one of these your desktop wallpaper. I'd choose the one above, but my wallpaper is currently a photo of me and T ;)

// I have a feeling Tony and I would love this slow cooker pulled pork.

// It was a hell of a week for America.

// I've been looking for a gold alphabet ring.

// There are some strong, differing opinions on this article: "Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans"

// "Stop asking me how I afford to travel."

// "This photographer had the best response after losing a client for his support of same-sex marriage."

(Student loan and travel articles via Design Mom)

Friday, June 26, 2015

words for the weekend / 26.

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happy friday!

This. This might have just been the most joyful part of the week. I teared up when I read it and I immediately texted Tony, Yay!!!

Other things that made me happy this week:

+ The fact that I've read three books since Tuesday! All from the library!

+ Spending time with family.

+ Fudgesicles.

+ Tim Hortons.

+ Driving with the windows down.

+ So many other cliché things about being in Canada after spending 10 months away.

What made you happy this week?
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