Monday, August 24, 2015


// If someone wanted to make me a rainbow quilt, I'd write them a thank you card and probably love them forever.

// This meal prep post has so many great tips! It's inspired me to do better in the kitchen this year!

// This Mindy Kaling quote is worth reading.

// The Makeup Tax, it's a real thing.

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// You guys, this is real life in Beijing.

// Tips for better black and white photos.

// Turns out Instagram photos of feet don't have to be boring.

// When I'm Gone. These letters from a father to his son... woah, in the best way.

// So much truth: "The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give"

// Coffee popsicles?! I need some shot glasses, stat!

// I've been itching for a new tattoo. These made me want one even more.

// How to Love a Muslim Man in America: "Eventually, we had to make a choice. Risk for a hope of an ‘us.’ Or, go on our separate journeys."

// Hooray, Target! One more reason to love them. And to wish they hadn't left Canada.

(Photo: Elise Cripe)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

words for the weekend / 33.

desktop wallpaper /

See more from Jamie Varon here. Download the desktop wallpaper here.

Friday, August 14, 2015

happy friday!

This week has been a bit unusual because Tony went back to work on Monday and I didn't until today. That means I was home alone all week. I'm now 99% sure I wouldn't be happy being a stay at home mom.

I did enjoy having time to myself though. It was pretty much the only time I've been alone all summer. I did lots of laundry, dealt with emails and banking and student loan stuff, designed our thank you cards for the wedding, caught up on blog reading, and wrote blog posts. Most of this made me pretty happy.

Other things that made me happy this week:

+ My best friend moved in across the hall from me! (This is bittersweet because it means another best friend is no longer living across the hall from me. I miss you, Alanna!)

+ This lemon press. You guys, it's so simple but a game changer! I've been drinking so much more water!

+ Waking up early. Like, 4:30-6AM early. Jet lag, I don't hate you in this case.

+ Drinking coffee from my new Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market mug.

+ Being back in our apartment. It definitely feels like home.

+ Making a huge payment on my student loan. I'll be done so soon!

+ We're married! 3 weeks in, I'm still so excited about it!

P.S. Wondering about the photo above? We were installing a water filter and I guess we underestimated our water pressure when we were flushing it out. Black water everywhere. All over the bathtub, walls, shower curtain, ceiling, towels, sink, toilet, floor, Tony. Hahahahahaha! I ran away as soon as it started gushing, leaving poor T to turn it off. I asked him, "Does this say something about our marriage?" I helped him clean up, though! In the end, we got the filter installed, I think it's made a difference, and we laughed a lot. Go team!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

wedding recap: first look & before the ceremony!

wedding / first look
This is what I saw looking out the hotel room window.

I remember asking, "Can I go yet?! Can I see him?!" and I was told, "You have to wait until he gets down there!" I was just so excited to see Tony! I felt sure that seeing him would make me less anxious. 

I took the elevator downstairs with Kandise and my girls and then waited in a hallway while Kandise went out to make sure Tony was ready. When she gave me the signal that I could come, I had to stop myself from running. As I walked down the hall, I started to cry. It was starting to feel real. As soon as I opened the door though, I stopped crying and walked over to Tony.

Here's what T told me: 

"Alanna or Melissa, I forget, came and told me not to come out until she told me where to go. I think it was Melissa. She came back and led me to that backyard garden. I was feeling nervous. And excited. I just stood there and you came. I felt very excited! I thought, 'The day finally came!'"

wedding / first look

wedding / first look

wedding / first look

wedding / first look

I don't remember what we said to each other. I think he told me I looked "so beautiful" and I told him he looked "so good!" I just remember feeling okay. Like, Yes, we're ready. We're getting married. Everything is okay. Everything is good. Everything is great!

wedding / crowne plaza

wedding / groom

wedding / crowne plaza

wedding / crowne plaza

handwriting tattoo

wedding / crowne plaza

We were running a little early so we went up to the lobby to wait for the taxis that were going to take us to Odell. 

wedding / crowne plaza

wedding / crowne plaza

Then we moved outside to wait. And I asked Melissa, "Where are the taxis? You told them 5:45, right?" 

wedding / downtown fredericton
Side note: I was all, "How do you even hold a bouquet?! It feels weird. Am I doing this right?" I was thisclose to switching mine for one of the smaller ones.

wedding / downtown fredericton / limo

wedding / surprise


wedding / limo

The girls surprised us with a limo!

wedding at odell park, fredericton nb

We arrived at the park and I was ready to get married! Really. We were supposed to take family and wedding party photos first and then have the ceremony, but I was just too excited! (Plus, it looked like it was going to rain so I wanted to try and have the ceremony before it did.) 

Sometime before we got to the park, I remember asking, "Can we just get married right away?" and someone said, "Well, when is Sally supposed to get there? You need her." Oh, yah. 

So we got to the park and Sally was there! "Yay! You're here! Let's get married!" And then someone reminded me, "You have to wait for everyone else." And I was like, "Everyone else?!" "Um, yah, your mom, your brother, your grandparents." Oh, yah. 

And then there they were! Everyone was there! And afterwards, I wondered, Did I even say hi to them? I just remember saying (maybe shouting), "Good! You're here! Go down there! We're getting married now!" 

(A week later, my Nan told me that I was just like a little girl, excited on Christmas morning. I like that description :) 

(Photos by Kandise Brown)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

wedding recap: getting ready.

best day ever / wedding

best day ever / wedding

best day ever / wedding
I didn't decide for sure which shoes I'd wear until right before we left. I had a couple options, including silver flip flops. I ended up going with these sandals from Gap.

best day ever / wedding

best day ever / wedding
Melissa, Cara, and Alanna each had an "assigned job" — decided by them! Melissa was my dress girl, Cara was my butt/vagina girl (not as scandalous as it sounds, promise), and Alanna was my shoe girl. 

organized / wedding
We were super organized. Here I am checking the list of what we had to take with us to the park. 

deodorant clumpies
Typical. Checking for deodorant clumpies—the bane of my existence. 

best day ever / wedding
I noticed the date on the clock and got really excited!

best day ever / wedding
The only florals we had were bouquets for us girls. Trites Flower Shop did them and I loved them!

// My stomach was queasy pretty much all day, or at least any time I wasn't busy with something. The only thing I can think to compare it to is having butterflies before an important presentation or a big trip. In fact, I had butterflies all week!

(To be honest a lot of the butterflies the day-of had to do with an underwear issue. Tip: Don't wait until the night before or the day of your wedding to figure out what you'll wear under your dress.)

// T and I were a little traditional in one way: We stayed in separate rooms the night before the wedding and we didn't see each other for most of the day. (We did have a "first look" before the ceremony though.)

// My bridesmaids and I woke up early-ish (to fix the underwear problem). We showered, hung out, opened cards and drank champagne. We also made a trip to the mall (again, the underwear problem) and ended up eating at the food court (I ate Chinese—appropriate, no?) I remember being surprised that I was able to eat, although I took a couple non-drowsy gravol.

// We got back to the hotel in time to check in to a new room (honeymoon suite!) that we'd use later to get dressed in. Then we went to get our hair and makeup done.

// I was worried that we'd end up running late, but we were finished hair and makeup ahead of schedule. I was the first one done and remember saying, "Okay! I'm ready!" I was so eager to just get married!

// The rest of the afternoon passed slowly. We hung out in the room and I basically just waited. (This is where I have to give a huge shout-out to my girls! They were amazing! They took care of everything and anything for me. Melissa especially had thought of everything—she had a mini fan in case I got hot, deodorant, hairspray, I forget what else, but girl was prepared. At one point I asked her, "Did you google how to be a good maid of honour?")

// Finally, at 5PM I put my dress on. It took me a few minutes, not because it was complicated, but because I kept having to pause, to take a moment because, Oh my God! I'm putting my wedding dress on!

// Kandise, our photographer, arrived around 5:30 and I was just like, "Okay, let's do this!" (after taking a couple more gravol).

// We didn't get any professional photos of the guys in their room because we only had our photographer for a short period of time. But this is what T told me about his day/experience:

fredericton region museum

best day ever / wedding

When I woke up, I thought, "Today finally came." I was a little bit nervous and a little bit excited.

I spent some time reading news and stuff on my phone and then Nemy, Tiffany, me, and your dad went to that Asian beef noodle place for lunch.

Then your dad brought us to that museum he discovered. We spent like two hours, two and half maybe, there. Then we went to the Happy Baker place and got some dessert.

Then we went back to the hotel. Showered, dressed, waited a little bit.

P.S. You can see more wedding stuff here, including my thoughts on wedding planning and our Chinese wedding!

(All but the bottom two photos are by Kandise Brown)
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