Monday, April 24, 2017

what I want to remember: chinese new year 2017.

It makes me laugh that I thought this was "big"—at 21 weeks. (Also, Bellabands—I have one each in black and white—were godsends for a looong time.)

In keeping with the "what I want to remember theme," here is what I want to remember from Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) this year: 

Going out for burgers at Dicos with our niece and nephew. 

Xiao Yu stealing my french fries.

All of us eating ice cream sundaes. 

How good the fries and fountain coke tasted. 

Going out with them again to a "western" restaurant that kind of sucked but it was fun anyway.

The two of them eating more food than both of us. 

Playing Crazy Eights with Xiao Xuan and T. 

Teaching T's mom how to play Crazy Eights. 

Eating Dicos again with Xiao Xuan while T went to a family dinner without me. 

Watching T, his dad, and Xiao Xuan play cards.

Chinese New Year's Eve meal. 

Telling T's parents that they are a great example, and so are his brother and wife, and that I'm honoured to be a Zhang. 

Taking family photos. (I was pleasantly surprised that everyone happily agreed!)

Eating pomelo for the first time. 

Every time after that that T peeled pomelo for me. (I have not been able to eat enough citrus fruit since being pregnant.)

Afternoon naps. 

Sitting in T's parents' bedroom before going to bed and talking. 

T's mom telling me, "Speak Chinese!" and Xiao Xuan telling her, "She is!" 

Eating crispy rice. 

T's cousin remembering my name after 2 years later and only meeting once. 

Skipping 3 family dinners. 

T feeling the baby move. 

Playing Crazy Eight countdown with T. 

P.S. Chinese New Year 2014, 2015, 2016.

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