Friday, November 12, 2021

happy friday!

I started today thinking it was Monday so I guess the happiest thing today is that it's actually Friday! It was a bit of a rough week because both Mabel and Clarke have been sick with a cold, but there were still happy moments: 

+ Clarke was sick and had a bad dream Monday night, so he ended up sleeping in our bed for the first time and sleeping on me for half the night. (Obviously only the second part of that is the happy part.)

+ A colleague gave us this cute hand-me-down winter jacket for Clarke! He wanted to try it on as soon as he got it and then refused to take it off.

+ A friend gave me a chocolate croissant for a morning snack at work. 

+ T and I had our weekly date on Thursday. Most of our dates are simple—a walk, eating, maybe shopping—but it's so nice to have a dedicated time to connect. 

+ I participated in #OneDayHH and it was so fun to share my day and see others'. I'm such a curious person so I really enjoyed it!

What made you happy this week?

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