Monday, April 18, 2016


Today was a fun, but busy day and now I'm tired. (Yay, field trips!) But not too tired to share links with you! Here ya go: 

// How beautiful crazy awesome is Sarah's embroidery?!

// I live in Beijing, but I bookmarked this for future weekend plans.

// I have my eyes on this cart and this article made me want it even more.

// If there was ever a time to use the heart eyes emoji, it's for this photo.

// This made me even more excited to finally read Lean In: How to Demand What You Deserve.

// A step in the right direction.

// Ha! Yes!

// This might be my favourite "beauty uniform" post yet: One, life is not about being beautiful, and two, everyone is beautiful.

// "To eulogize is to forgive"—A Eulogy, Despite

// Working in an international community, I see a lot of foreign caregivers, and found this interesting and heartbreaking: "The Cost of Caring"

// 5 things you didn't know about Serial. (I haven't listened to the second season yet, but I'm going to!)

// For my teacher and parent friends: Why I Don't Teach SCLANs (shapes, colors, letters, and numbers)

(Photo by Sarah K. Benning, via Instagram)

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