Thursday, May 28, 2015

our save the dates!

save the dates

Now that my Nan and Dad have finally received them (sometimes mail from China to Canada is sloooow), I thought you might like to see our Save the Dates!

save the dates

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "Um, Amanda, aren't you guys only having, like, 10 guests? Why do you need Save the Dates?" And the truth is, we don't. I could totally just call our eleven guests (including the wedding party) and say, "Hey! We're getting married in Fredericton on July 24th!" But where's the fun in that? 

Even though we decided to have a small, less traditional wedding, I knew that I still wanted it to feel special and have some traditional elements. After all, it's still a wedding, no matter how small it is. And who doesn't like to get mail?

save the dates - front

I knew a few things for sure: I wanted to use a photo from our "not engagement" photos, I wanted something fun, and I wanted a simple design, nothing too fancy or girly. After spending a loooong time browsing on Wedding Paper Divas (so many great designs!), I narrowed it down to a few options I loved and let Tony make the final choice.

save the dates - back

When it was time to decide what to put on the back, I didn't hesitate (which is unusual for me!). We can't wait to celebrate with our friends and family. I can't wait to sit outside, eat good food and drink good beer, and talk and laugh. 

save the dates - envelope

I kind of wanted to go with gold shimmer or pearl white shimmer envelopes, but T was like, "Nope! I want white. Plain white." Okaaay then. Who am I to argue with a guy who has such a strong opinion on envelopes? To make it a little more exciting, I added some colourful washi tape. Tony didn't complain ;) 

And those are our Save the Dates! We've already designed our invitations, too, but I can't share those until we actually order them. Oops. Less than 2 months to go!!!

P.S. One thing I noticed when looking around for wedding stationery was that most places have a minimum order requirement of 20-25; Wedding Paper Divas has a minimum of 10—perfect for those of us having small weddings!

(Save the Dates c/o Wedding Paper Divas. "Not engagement" photo by Kandise Brown.)


  1. These are gorgeous! I totally agree no matter how many guests you have these are things you can keep to look back on! Totally worth it!


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