Monday, August 11, 2014

these are not engagement photos.

They are "We Are in a Serious Relationship and it Is Tony's First Time Visiting Canada" photos. 

This photoshoot was planned months ago, because I thought it would be fun for us to get photos taken. Photos that were not selfies, not taken with an iPhone, not edited on Instagram. Photos that would capture who we are at this stage of our life. 


Confession: I found the ring the day before these were taken. And I thought for sure that he was going to propose during this shoot. So I was kind of waiting the whole time for him to say nice things and get down on one knee hahaha! 

Spoiler alert: He didn't. And I told him I was a little disappointed because my sentimental side though it would have been cool to get the proposal captured on camera and my practical side thought it would have been nice if these photos could double as engagement photos. I also told him I was happy he didn't propose because now I knew that the proposal would be a complete surprise; I had no idea what he had planned or when. 

A huge thank you to Kandise Brown for being so laidback and fun, and for taking awesome photos! We felt a little nervous (that was me), and awkward (that was both of us), and I thought for sure we'd look like dorks (we do in a couple photos but in an adorable "that's so us!" kind of way), but she put us at ease and we love the result!

If you want a peek, here you go (I tried to edit down the amount of photos I posted, but this is the best I could do; it was so hard to choose!):

Haha! I told Tony I look great in this photo but his expression ruins it ;)

This happens daily for us, minus the gorgeous background and great light.

So does this.

He's being a fool and I look like I'm gonna kill him. Typical.

Also typical.

Turns out the ring was in the backpack the whole time!!

(Photos by Kandise Brown, who we chose because we loved her photos, and I loved her website and blog. The kicker was that this is in her FAQ: "WE’RE ELOPING/HAVING AN UN-WEDDING. I’m there.")


  1. Oooh man I would have loved to shoot the proposal! But in reality I had no idea so I probably just would have been gawking dumbly like "wut iz hapen?" You guys are great!

  2. AH, I know I already used one of these photos for my favorite blogs post, but I forgot to comment. I LOVE THESE. They're gorgeous and some are perfect while others are imperfect- but those are the ones that truly capture you both as a couple and as individuals! (: So amazing.

  3. These are darling and so much fun! The black and white one is absolutely gorgeous and serene.


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