Wednesday, February 18, 2015

wedding update + cutest wedding cake topper.

We've booked the venue (technically we booked a backup venue, because I'm reeeally hoping the weather cooperates and we can get married outside, beside a tree, in the park), hired a photographer (the same rad lady who took our non-engagement photos), and sent Save the Dates.

Other big things we/I still need to do include hire an officiant and buy a wedding dress. (I'm really kinda stressing about the wedding dress part. Tony's all, "You have 5 months!" and I'm like, "Yah, 5 months! Some places say you should book an appointment to try dresses on at least 6 months before the wedding!" I'm also all, "Where am I gonna find a dress?" and Tony's all, "Uhhh... GAP?" Insert eye-roll here.)

Aaanyway, while I'm busy stressing about wedding dresses, I've also been thinking about the details of the wedding. Like decorations and wedding cake toppers. We know we don't want anything too traditional, so off to Etsy I went.

How cute is this wedding cake topper? Completely customizable and perfect for a couple like us. I think we're going with something else, something that can be used again and again for years to come, but I really do love this. (Is it possible to have two wedding cake toppers? Funny thing: We're not even having a wedding cake.)

(Photo and cake topper by Ready Go Wedding Co.)

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  1. Your wedding will be beautiful and unique like you!


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