Thursday, February 19, 2015

highlights from Tony's first visit to Canada.

While we're visiting Tony's family for Chinese New Year, a few of them have asked to see photos from his first trip to Canada. We were looking through them yesterday and I realized, I didn't share any on the blog! It's true, other than this post from his first couple days, I shared nothing. 

So here, in photos and a few words, are highlights from Tony's first visit to Canada (some photos are mine; some are his):

First stop in Canada (in the TO airport!) had to be Tim Hortons. Stereotypical? Maybe.

He was amazed by drive-thrus. They don't have these in China.

My brother and father being good sports eating chicken feet!

"It's so big!" (It was a small.)

We had to go to a Big Stop.

I told him Chinese tourists love the World's Longest Covered Bridge. 

Beer! On a patio! Heaven!

His first s'more.

Boy loves nature. (Why are we living in Beijing?)


He took so many photos of clouds. So many. His camera was full of random photos of the sky, with or without parking lots.

Uh... gratuitous sexy back photo.

Right before he proposed, the trickster.

Tony was not impressed by the Chinese food New Brunswick had to offer. I, on the other hand, am a fan. 

He also wasn't adequately impressed with a typical "meat and potatoes" dinner. What is wrong with him?! He did like fiddleheads, though. 

Sadly, I think his favourite parts of the trip were shooting a gun and...

Mowing a lawn. (Me: "Tony, have you seen a lawn mower?" Him: "Yes!" Me, skeptical: "Where?" Him, after a long pause: "In the movies!")

Other highlights included getting engaged (of course!) and our photoshoot with Kandise.

I can't wait to go back this summer!

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