Tuesday, January 22, 2013

illustrations by Anoushka Matus.

Yesterday was a really good mail day. Besides a Christmas present from Cara, I also got these awesome postcards from Swiss illustrator Anoushka Matus. As soon as I saw the fan illustration, I knew I wanted it to hang in my apartment. I thought: 

"That's me! I've stood naked in front of a fan on hot days SO many times! I want that drawing to hang in my apartment! Is that appropriate? Will people be offended? Will they get it?"*

And then I thought of the nude cartoonish illustrations of a man and woman my mom had hanging in our bathroom when I was a kid. She told me that she had bought them one day when she was with her dad. (Or he had bought them for her? Mom?) She said she just had to have them. As a kid, I couldn't decide if they were cool or gross. But now I understand -- they were art. And I had to have this illustration.

I emailed Anoushka to ask if she had prints available and she emailed me back saying she would send me postcards and let me know when prints come out! For now, the 2 postcards above are hanging in my living room (I need to get frames), but I will definitely buy prints if she makes them. 

AND! I thought I could do a tiny giveaway to pass on her generosity and art. If you want the 2 postcards below, leave a comment and I'll randomly choose a winner next week. (Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you for your address!)

(Art by Anoushka Matus)

*Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Because #1, it's my apartment and #2, when I showed the postcards to a friend, she said "That's me!" to each of them.

(Update: According to random.org, Annie is the winner of the postcards!)


  1. These are awesome! I know where she is coming from! Haha shawmorin.s@gmail.com

  2. Haha! Love it! I totally said, "that's me!" to the consuming sweater.

  3. Hi Amanda! Lovely! Thanks for your sweet words...

  4. THESE ARE GREAT!!!! living in TX, I know all about that fan one too ;)

    I don't know if i'm late in entering, but fingers crossed. Thanks for the generous chance xo

    micaela.maxham at gmail.com


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