Monday, January 21, 2013

i'm going to boston!

Cara, my best friend from Vermont, is living in Boston right now, getting her Masters and teaching at an all-boys school. I'm going to visit her this summer and I'm so excited about it, even though it's months away! I've already looked up the price of bus tickets, made my mom promise she'll drive me to the bus station (thanks, Mom!), and started making plans with Cara.

So far, we've talked about seeing a Red Sox game, eating guacamole on her rooftop, going on a tour at the Sam Adams Brewery, watching The Newsroom, visiting Cape Cod, drinking Vermont Woodchuck Hard Cider... and the list keeps growing. I can't wait to meet her friends and see where she lives and teaches. Most of all, I can't wait to see her!

And then today, I received my Christmas present from Cara in the mail. The card said:

"Last year I asked you to make the yule tide gay. I asked you to let your heart be light. This year I remind you that faithful friends who are dear to us will gather near to us once more. I send this gift to you with that promise in my heart. I know you sometimes have trouble knowing what to pack when you go on vacation so I'm telling you now to pack this hat in your suitcase when you come to Boston because I'm taking you to Fenway Park. Merry Christmas, Amanda!"

I think I'm more excited about going to Boston than I am about going to Thailand(!).


  1. As a Bostonian, I have to compliment you on your new cap. But don't wear it when you go to NYC!

    You will love Fenway, there is nothing like it. I will send you some to-do suggestions by email.

  2. Boston Common! Freedom Trail!

  3. We're going to Beantown for our 3rd visit in the last year in March. I highly recommend the Duck Boat Tour, USS Constitution tour is free. There is a bar in Boston across the street from Sam Adams grave, hence this is the only place in the world you can have a cold Sam Adams while looking at a cold Sam Adams.

  4. Thank you for your suggestions! I'm getting even more excited, if that's possible :)


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