Wednesday, January 23, 2013

25 things.

Do you remember when the "25 Things" thing was popular on Facebook? A few years ago people wrote notes sharing 25 things or secrets about themselves? Well, over a year ago, Cara sent me a message saying she was disappointed because she had tried to find my "25 Things" note and couldn't.

That's because I had never written one.

Of course, she asked me to write one. Even though we're best friends and I can just tell her things, she wanted me to write them in a Facebook note. I told her, "maybe someday." And then, a while later, she asked again. So I promised I would... someday. Honestly, I felt pressured because I wanted to be able to write 25 things she didn't know yet. And she knows a lot.

Anyway, here are 25 things about me. Cara, hopefully there's something here you don't already know:

1. I put hoodies on backwards and then turn them around. Like, I pull it on over my head with the hood in front and then turn it around so the hood's in back and then I put my arms through and pull it down. When I do this in front of people, they always say, "Uhh, that's backwards!" And I say, "Yah, I just do it this way." I used to feel the need to explain, but there is no explanation; it's just how I do it.

2. I call ring tones "ring tunes." Well, I used to anyway. Now I always pause before I say it and mentally correct myself because people made fun of me. (I swear, that's what Rogers used to call them!)

3. I brush my teeth before I get in the shower. I feel dirty if I don't.

4. When I eat popcorn at home, I drink milk with it. I didn't know that was "weird" until a friend told me it was about a year ago. Seriously, there's nothing better than popcorn and a cold glass of milk. Except when I'm at a movie theatre; then it's Pepsi all the way.

5. I do not like the word "hubby." It makes me cringe every time I read/hear it.

6. I prefer thin beach towels to fluffy, thick bath towels.

7. I like black jelly beans, but not black licorice.

8. When I was a kid, I thought the characters on TV could see me. I could see them, so doesn't it make sense that they could see me? And my mom used to help me get dressed in the living room. I didn't like the idea of Zack Morris seeing me in my underwear.

9. I don't like fruit in my salads, not even raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Well, I say that, but I've discovered over the past year that I do like dried cranberries on my salad. And bits of apple. But raspberries and strawberries do NOT belong in salads!

10. When I was in grade 1 (or 2?) my mom made me get a haircut. Short. Like a boy. She said she was tired of having me cry when she brushed the tangles from my hair. Mom, you shoulda just let me grow dreadlocks; you woulda been ahead of the times.

11. I don't mind drinking cold tea or coffee. My friends tease me because I can make a cup of tea or coffee or a latte last forever and drink it cold, no problem.

12. I was scared of escalators until this year. I could go up no problem, but was always nervous going down. (I'm from a small town that doesn't have escalators!) The first time I remember riding an escalator was in grade 4. When I went to New York in grade 12, my friends had to hold my hand and tell me when to step on, but by the end of the long weekend, I could do it by myself. When I moved to Beijing, I realized my fear hadn't left, but I'm okay now! Practice makes perfect, I guess. And you have to face your fears, blah blah blah.

13. I love the smell of diesel fuel; it reminds me of my dad.

14. My first memory is watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while eating McDonald's pizza.

15. I went through a phase as a kid where I thought the Power Rangers were my friends. Motioning to the air beside me, I would introduce them to people, "This is Jason, and Billy, and Zack, and Kimberly, and Trini!" Luckily (or unfortunately), people usually went along with me.

16. My brother and I had pet guinea pigs. I named mine Wishbone, after the dog from the TV show with the same name.

17. My favourite number is 24. I'm not sure why.

18. My favourite food is spaghetti, hands down. A close second is rice.

19. I hate the feel of chalk. In fact, just thinking about how chalk feels makes me cringe.

20. The first movie I saw in a theatre was The Lion King. The second was Casper.

21. Male celebrity crushes (fictional and non-fictional) have included: Patrick Swayze, Leonardo DiCaprio, Freddie Prinze Jr., Zack Morris, Jason and Tommy (the red and green Power Rangers), Sully (from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), and Gus Pike (from Road to Avonlea).

22. I've had my nose pierced twice. I've also had my belly button pierced, and at one point, I had 7 holes in my ears. Now my only piercings are the first holes in my ears.

23. I believe in karma. At least, I want to, I really want to.

24. I sometimes think too much about the past, but I'm pretty sure I can honestly say I don't have any regrets.

25. I think working for Residence Life in university might be the best decision I've made so far. Or, I suppose, going to St. Thomas was.


  1. My small town doesn't even have traffic lights!

    Or sidewalks!

  2. ^that makes your town authentic and precious!! <3


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