Monday, March 26, 2012

hello, monday.

It's Monday (already!) so I'm linking up with Lisa to say hello.

Hello to a date with Annie at Coffee and Friends. I ordered a Raspberry Truffle Mocha and a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was hard at the edges and chewy towards the center -- perfect, and I'm fairly certain I've found a new go-to drink for when I'm downtown. By the time I returned home I felt so refreshed; I think that had more to do with the company and less to do with the treats. 

Hello to seeing The Hunger Games with Melissa and Sara. I devoured the entire trilogy in about three days this past summer and I was a bit skeptical about the movie's ability to do the first book justice. Aside from a few details that were missing, it was fantastic! I was enamoured by Katniss, held my breath for entire scenes, was wracked with sobs, and fell in love with Peeta. If you haven't read the books or seen the movie, what are you waiting for?! You should be on your way to a theater right now with your nose stuck in the first book!

Hello, supper date with my mom. We enjoyed a delectable meal of Chinese and seafood. We lingered over coffee, tea, and dessert. We laughed and laughed while reminiscing about old memories.

Hello, waking up at 8:30 yesterday morning and spending the next few hours doing laundry and watching The West Wing. I'm on the sixth season now and all I have to say is... nothing. I have nothing to say because I was left speechless. Except for the times when I was yelling at the television. Which was a lot of times. There were also a lot of gasps. And a lot of tears.

Hello, falling asleep in a bed with freshly washed sheets and blankets, in a room that was dusted, swept, and mopped. I always sleep so much better surrounded by the smell of clean.

Hello to the third week of my internship. I'm getting into a routine and really enjoying it. These kids are worming their way into my heart (not that they had to try very hard).

Hello, Monday! What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I've been debating about whether to read those books; unable to determine if they would be something I'd like. So now, you've convinced me. I will pick it up today. Thanks!

  2. If you do get them, you'll have to let me know what you think!

  3. hello You !
    Happy Monday
    xo S & Gang


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