Tuesday, March 27, 2012

make your bed and then sit on it.

While making my bed Sunday night, I found myself thinking, "I cannot wait to sit here tomorrow." When I woke up yesterday morning, my thought was more specific: "I can't wait to sit here after school, reading blogs and drinking tea." I looked forward to it all day.

Think I'm silly? That's okay, Summer and a few others will understand.

To quote Summer, "There's something thrilling about sitting on top of a bed that's neatly made; perched on top of the covers with a quilt on my lap. It's one of my guilty pleasures."

Until I read her post, I had no idea that I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this simple act so much. I had no idea it could be considered thrilling, but upon reading Summer's words, I realized that that's exactly how I feel when I have some time to myself to sit on my bed -- thrilled!

So, make your bed and then sit on it. Let me know how it feels.


  1. I just can't leave my bed unmade... I'm not exactly Ms. Neat & Tidy but that's one "chore" that must be done!
    My fav time to curl up on my made bed... spring & summer with the window open and a gentle breeze flicking through the lace curtains and the sunlight filtering through the trees :)

  2. Oh and I LOVE your quilt! Purple! And the cross!


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