Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday!

I can't believe it's Friday! I'm so glad it is though; it was a long (but very good!) week. In no particular order, here is what made me happy:

+ Walking downtown from my school and meeting Alex at Read's, where I enjoyed a cookie dough latte. (The exercise, sunshine, company, and drink were all worth the giant blister I now have on the bottom of my left heel.)

+ The walk to and from school continues to make me smile. Especially now that I am beginning to recognize the "regulars" that I pass:  the woman in business attire who always smiles at me, the mom and two kids who arrive at school at the same time I do, and the gentleman dressed in a suit who waits at the bus stop.

+ Seeing a guy run by me at the bus stop, his huge, white dog barreling along behind him without a leash.

+ An elderly gentleman smiling and waving at me through his window one morning.

+ Watching Gilmore Girls with Melissa. I'm so glad that she likes the show. I keep telling her, "Just wait! It gets even better!"

+ Celebrating the first day of spring!

+ Getting good news from the doctor.

+ Receiving a "thinking of you" card from my grandparents. It was so sweet, and they included a scratch ticket!

+ Taking a short 15 minute nap with the window open, a cool breeze playing with my curtains and caressing my cheek.

+ Going to Snooty Fox for half price apps with Sherry and Kathleen, friends from my BEd program.

+ Going out for lunch with some of the teachers from my school.

+ Record-breaking temperatures! It was so warm (like summer!) the last couple of days that I wore sundresses!

+ Students dancing on the playground. The Phys. Ed. teacher blasted music and the kids loved it! They did the Chicken Dance, the Cha Cha Slide, and the Limbo.

+ Receiving a card from Cara. She always sends the best mail.

+ Going for a run outside last night after 7PM -- and it still being light out!

+ Writing this blog post last night with damp hair from a luke-warm bath, while sipping tea, the rolling sound of cars driving by and the murmur of people's voices drifting in my open window.

Phew, that's a lot of happiness and I know I'm forgetting some! What made you happy this week?


  1. I have never had a cookie dough latte. Sounds amazing.

  2. It was! The perfect balance of coffee and sweet.

  3. The happiest thing about my week was the sixty handshakes I received from middle school boys when I visited their school for a formal interview today. THEY gave me something to smile about.

  4. Cara - I just smiled at that! I hope it went well!


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