Sunday, August 21, 2016

happy sunday!

In lieu of my semi-usual happy Friday post, I'm writing on a Sunday! This is the first time in a few weeks that I've had both the time and the desire to write something in this space, so I figured I should jump on it. Hope you're ready for some stream of consciousness style writing...

When school finished in June, I had grand plans for summer. I made two lists (goals and things to do for fun) and I planned on blogging a lot. Some things got done and some didn't...more about those lists later, but you obviously know I didn't blog much. I read a lot of books though! So I published book reports for June and July!

T and I landed back in Beijing two weeks ago and then he worked every day for the next 12 days. I eased back in, popping into work a couple times before I had to, and then returning officially on the 12th. We settled back into being home by unpacking, eating at a few of our fave spots, and sleeping a lot (except in the mornings; thanks, jet lag). I'm always amazed at how I forget things like which way I'm supposed to turn the taps to turn off the water in just a few weeks. Why is it so easy to forget those little aspects of a home? We have a new bathtub that I've yet to take a bath in, but I plan to rectify that some day soon, maybe even tonight.

I met most of my new kiddos on Wednesday when school started. I have 25 this year (woah), but I'm feeling a bit more laid back about everything (or trying to). I have my alarm set for 5:30 on weekdays to ensure I get the quiet time I crave and all of last week I woke up on my own sometime between 5:16 and 5:29. Keep it up, body.

I'm addicted to my new Fitbit. (I bought the Alta.) I had a Fitbit Flex a few years ago and loved it. It really motivates me! I've been taking the stairs more often and forcing Tony to walk with me when we would maybe have taken a taxi before. When I sometimes walk in place while waiting for a light to change, T laughs at me. Another foreigner watched me doing this and then she started doing it too. I pointed her out to Tony and said, "See! I'm inspiring people!" and he replied right away, "She's making fun of you." I don't know if she was or not; her face didn't look like she was, but maybe.

We're still not quite in a groove yet, partly because the beginning of the school year is hectic for both of us, partly because I've been battling middle and outer ear infections, partly because it just takes time, but I'm looking forward to getting back into it. We walked to get groceries today, and then walked to brunch (okay, we walked partway, took a taxi the rest of the way because Tony complained he was too hot, but then we walked back the whole way), and now I'm settled on the couch with iced tea (using my new iced tea press from David's Tea!).

We'll see what the rest of Sunday brings. Definitely leftover Indian; maybe a bath; hopefully an episode or two of Criminal Minds, beginning a new book, and an early bedtime.

Happy Sunday!

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