Wednesday, December 16, 2015

christmas 2015.


So much laughing.

So much.

Christmas Eve dumplings, broccoli, beans, and lotus root!

Eventually I want to change that red ribbon to a white one.

I haven't felt very Christmas-y this year. I mean, I've been happy and cozy, but not CHRISTMAS!, you know?

Instead of watching Christmas movies, we've been racing through Friends episodes. Instead of listening to Christmas music, I've been singing along to Kitchen Karaoke. I didn't go to any Christmas markets. I haven't even taken a photo of our fully decorated tree.

I've felt twinges of guilt. Should I be trying harder? Should we watch A Christmas Story? Should I be belting "Jingle Bells?" But as we made plans for Christmas (which we celebrated this past weekend because we leave for Bali on Saturday!), I said to T, We don't have to do anything. Let's just do what we feel like. 

So on "Christmas Eve" I got a haircut and a mani-pedi, we both got massages, and we ate our traditional Christmas Eve dumplings. On "Christmas Day" I read blogs and drank coffee, we opened presents, ate a bacon and egg breakfast, watched The Ref and then, you guessed it, Friends. Instead of a turkey dinner, we ate Indian. It was perfect. 

Other highlights from this season: 

+ Helping Melissa decorate her tree and watching Christmas Vacation.

+ My advent calendar!

Playing in the snow with my kiddos. 

+ A Christmas party with friends, mulled wine, Yankee Swap, Pass the Present, and Christmas song charades.

+ Hot chocolate with candy canes. 

+ Hot chocolate with Baileys. 

+ A pollution day—the closest thing we'll get to a snow day. 

+ Winter concert performances at school. 

+ Sending our first Christmas cards as a married couple.

+ Watching Elf with Sali and Melissa. 

(Headphones are from Urbanears. Ornament is from Tiny Prints.)

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