Friday, December 11, 2015

happy friday!

I just want to be cozy. I've lost count of how many times I've said that this week, but it's become my constant refrain and I think it will remain so for the rest of winter.

My new daily routine involves lots of hot drinks, usually tea, often coffee, and sometimes hot chocolate. If there's Baileys, so much the better.

We had a "pollution day"—similar to a snow day, but instead of a blanket of snow on the ground, there's a blanket of smog in the sky—on Tuesday and while I wasn't exactly happy about it, I didn't mind the opportunity to fulfill my longings for maximum coziness. I told Tony before I went to sleep Monday night, "I'm going to have Baileys in each of my hot drinks tomorrow." And with the exception of a cup of tea, I did. I also watched many episodes of Friends; had a long, hot shower, complete with loud music and a Corona; played Risk (and won!); and ate hot pot that was delivered to our apartment. If that's not the definition of cozy then I don't know what is.

Things that made me happy this week—other than being cozy (how many times can I write the word cozy in this post?):

+ Crossing much-procrastinated tasks off my to do list.

+ Standing up for myself, on more than one occasion.

+ My manicure, still.

+ A hot bath with this.

+ A student saying, "I'm still a little sick, but I really wanted to come to school!"

+ Watching students practice for the winter concert. I'm convinced there's nothing sweeter or more cheerful than that.

+ Sticking my finger up T's nose. Long story, but it was hilarious!

What made you happy this week?

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