Saturday, July 18, 2015

happy friday!

Blogging has been all over the place for me this summer. I thought I'd have more time to write posts and publish them regularly and... nope. I know, I know, I choose how I spend my time. And during this season of my life, being home for a short time, a wedding, family, etc. the blog is not my priority. But I have so many ideas and I really do hope to have them up soon.

In the meantime, the main things that made me happy this week were wedding-related:

+ My Nan asked T and I to pick up a caesar salad kit at the grocery store and when I saw the best before date, I danced around and said, "Our wedding date! This makes me excited!!!" I pretended to be less crazy than I am, and started to walk away, before deciding to embrace the craziness and went back to take a photo.

+ Tuesday was a marathon wedding day. I got my dress hemmed, we dropped off balloons to be filled and delivered the day of, we figured out the food situation, met with our officiant, had my hair and makeup trial, met with our coordinator, chose the exact spot for the ceremony and reception, and finalized plans. Big thank you to Melissa for taking us and helping us!

+ I'm 99% sure I'm going to change my name. I made a few phone calls to try to be sure I'll have enough time before we go back to China. I'm not looking forward to the hassle, but when I look at T and think, "I'm going to be a Zhang!" I'm pretty sure I glow.

One week!

What made you happy this week?

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