Wednesday, March 18, 2015

wedding napkins!

I didn't even know I wanted wedding napkins.

Well, I mean, I knew we'd need napkins. I'm not gonna have a picnic (a wedding picnic, no less!) and just expect people to wipe their mouths on their sleeves. (Slash, people probably won't have sleeves because it'll be summer and hopefully warm.)

The point is, I had thought of napkins, but I thought we'd probably just have plain, boring napkins. Or MAYBE colourful cloth napkins since we're only having approximately 10 guests.

But then I got an email from Tiny Prints and as I was scrolling to delete it, a picture of this napkin caught my eye.

I loved it! It is going to be the best day ever!, I thought. I love that bright green!, I thought. 50% off!?, I thought.

And that is how I ended up ordering 100 wedding napkins. (Do we need 100 napkins for 12 people? No. But I figure, meh, even our tiny wedding deserves special touches. And my Nan uses napkins all the time. I can give the leftovers to her and she'll smile every time she uses one, right? Ha ha! Plus, we can always bring them back to China with us and then we'll smile every time we use one.)

T and I ended up choosing "pumpkin" and "teal." (We loved "lime" but realized, Oh, yah. We're getting married in a park. There's already going to be lots of green.) We don't really have wedding colours, per se, unless ALL THE BRIGHT COLOURS count. So my plan is to incorporate them through details like bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, and now... wedding napkins!

This is not a sponsored post. I'm just your typical bride engaging in some impulse buying. Plus, I have stationery from Tiny Prints and love it!

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