Tuesday, March 17, 2015


celebrating 2 years (and 2 days) with T.

still laughing about Big Hero 6. (Pro tip: Want to be a hero to a 5 year old? Know who Baymax is. Better yet, learn the fist bump.)

reading The Rosie Project.

drinking tea every afternoon from my new mug. current favourites are The Glow and Main Squeeze (which seems to be out of stock).

wearing bright pink nail polish.

watching Gilmore Girls with Tony every night.

craving Thai and Indian food all. the. time.

feeling excited about spring!

trying on so many wedding dresses.

listening to podcasts every morning. Invisibilia is a current fave.

also listening to Songza's "Today's Pop Hits (Clean Lyrics)" playlist every chance I get while at work. (So basically, during each of my preps you can find me sitting at my desk, bobbing my head.)

keeping my inbox cleaned out.

celebrating Spring Carnival at school. Today was "Favourite Colour Day" and tomorrow is "Crazy Hair/Hat Day."

1 comment:

  1. Agree 100% on the Baymax thing! I just learned who he (it?) is today as one of the kids brought in a big Hero 6 book. They've never been so engaged!


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