Saturday, November 01, 2014

week in the life / friday.

week in the life / friday

We pay our ayi (literal translation is "aunt," but I'm talking about our cleaning lady) on the last Friday of every month. We pay her 70RMB a week, so this month's total was 350RMB. We just leave the money on the counter for her.

week in the life / friday

My weekday morning routine of getting ready for work + podcast + coffee. I listen to the newest episode of Serial every Friday morning lately. 

week in the life / friday

This Friday was Halloween! I ordered a costume from Taobao this year (a Chinese shopping website). Well, Tony ordered it for me. Most of my boys are obsessed with superheroes, so I thought they'd love this. And they did. 

But. One of my girls cried when she saw me because she was scared. I got yelled at by an elementary boy because I wasn't wearing "Batman boots" and I got yelled at by another boy because, "You can't be Batman! You're a girl!" Hilarious. 

But overall, the costume was a big hit.

week in the life / friday

Halloween is exhausting! I came home and laid on my bed. To get this photo, I set the timer and then just fell asleep. When I woke up, I looked at what I got. 

One of my friends used to tease me because I always had to sleep with one arm above my head. I don't do that all the time anymore, but it's still one of the most comfortable ways for me to sleep. 

Another note: Fridays are the only day we don't make the bed. You'll see why when you keep scrolling. (One of the reasons I liked Tony when we first started dating is because he made the bed every day, without ever being asked or even knowing I usually did haha)

week in the life / friday

We played Halloween BINGO with the kids. It took them a long time to catch on, but when they did, they had a lot of fun! At the end of the day, I asked one of my boys what his favourite part of the day was, thinking he'd for sure say trick or treating. Nope, "Playing BINGO!" 

week in the life / friday

This. This is why we don't make the bed on Fridays. Our ayi is the bomb(!) at bed-making. There was one Friday that I came home at lunch and Tony had made the bed before the ayi came; I unmade it. I just wanted her to make it! Coming home to a clean apartment after work on Friday is the highlight of my week. 

Happy (belated) Halloween!

(I'm participating in Ali Edward's Week in the Life. Follow along on Instagram. Here's Thursday.)

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