Wednesday, November 05, 2014

a quarter of a century (& a new domain!).

So, uh, I kind of fell off the Week in the Life bandwagon. And I thought I was doing pretty good, too!

Just, well, despite the fact that it was my birthday on Saturday (I'm now a quarter of a century old!), I felt like there wasn't too much to take photos of. (Ridiculous.) 

There were the balloons, but there was also a French Vanilla latte delivered to me in bed. And a good talk with my mom, and a new Kobo Aura opened (thanks, Mom!), and a breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast cooked for me. 

I bought a new domain (!* And I got Photoshop! And I think I figured out how to make an action and resize photos for the blog. 

And I went out to dinner with people, and then we came home and played a game. But it didn't feel festive. Despite more balloons. It was partly my fault I'm sure—It's my party and I'll cry if I want to? (No, I didn't cry. Well, at least not until I was home in my own apartment.)—but I don't think it was entirely. 

birthday weekend

birthday weekend

birthday weekend

No matter. Sunday brought Birthday 2.0. That's where the above photos came from.

Aside from dancing in the living room and eating Thai food, my best friend FaceTimed me, and my other best friend gave me earrings from Kate Spade (Have I ever mentioned that it's been a dream of mine to own something from Kate Spade?) and I hung out with my other best friend, who was extra sweet to me. 

Also, that last best friend, the one that I'm engaged to, gave me the best t-shirt ever.

So, despite the fact that I didn't blow out candles on my 25th birthday, I'd say it was okay. You know, mǎmǎ hǔhǔ.

(Oh yah. And I was diagnosed with a respiratory infection two days later and spent all of Tuesday laying (lying?) on the couch. Happy birthday to me.)

*It was easier and more complicated than I thought. But if you were subscribed to or had bookmarked, it should redirect. Or you could just re-subscribe or re-bookmark. (Sorry I'm not more technical.)


  1. Happy belated birthday! It's totally normal to feel down on your birthday, I think, haha. I cry every year somewhere around that dreadful day.

    Hope your infection gets better! Everyone around me seems to be suffering from a wicked cold/flu right now. It's no bueno. I hope we all get well soon!

  2. Happy Birthday, Best Friend! I love you so much.

  3. Hi, Amanda. 马马虎虎 actually is mǎmǎ hūhū.

  4. Thanks, Michael. I just googled it and copied and pasted what was there haha

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Amanda! I cracked up when I read you use "mǎmǎ hūhū"! PLUS congratulations on your new domain :) Such a coincidence that I just changed mine too from to just my name I'm jealous that you have Photoshop!

  6. Haha I say "mǎmǎ hūhū" ALL the time. Thank you! For the birthday wishes and the congratulations :) I thought about using my name for my domain, but I still haven't decided if I'll change my name or not once Tony and I get married.


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