Thursday, May 22, 2014

notes from today.

We made a roast dinner in the slow cooker today. And when I got home (late) from work, I opened the slow cooker and teared up. I took a bite and I started to cry. It tastes just like a dinner my Nan would make! Tony smiled and wrapped his arms around me. I know, I'm silly, but it smells like I could be at my Nan's! 

We ate our dinner happily and then I began telling him about everything I wanted to get done tonight. I want to do a load of laundry and we need to RSVP to the wedding (yay, Matt and Amy!) and we need to complete that apartment check and I know the ayi is coming tomorrow but I want us to tidy up because it's easier for her to clean and I have to make my smoothie. Are you sure you don't want one? And I want to read and write blogs but it's getting so late. Cue whiny voice. 

But then Tony cleaned up the dinner dishes and I said, Let's use our speaker and try to make the cleaning as fun as possible! Pass me my wine! And I pressed shuffle on my iPhone and Randy Travis' "Forever and Ever, Amen" started playing and it reminds me of my Nan and Dan and before I knew it, Tony and I were dancing in the living room, swaying in circles, laughing and smiling, and I was singing. 

And I thought, It's so funny. I was in such a hurry to get things done, but now we're dancing. And this is just what we should be doing. This is the important stuff. And I helped a friend. I'm getting life right. And then another thought: We're spontaneously dancing in our living room/kitchen. We're that couple. We're actually that happy.

And then "Louie Louie" came on and I started dancing and singing and Tony was laughing. And then we skipped some songs and stopped on "Love Shack" and I belted it out for Tony complete with dance moves. And if he didn't love me by now, or if he hasn't run away by now, we are golden. So golden. 

I love today. 


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