Friday, May 23, 2014


// That time Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons.

// You are awesome!

// The shirt on your back. A short, interactive video about the Bangladeshi garment industry. Totally worth watching, promise.

// Ever wondered what it's like to live in Beijing?

// I love the story of Liz and Micah's elopement.

// What an awesome photography project!

// Substitute "parents" with "teachers" and yup, this is pretty accurate.

// "She told me she had plenty of people to do things with, but nobody to do nothing with." A cancer doctor's story about losing his wife to cancer.

// I was born in 1989 and, yup.

// A good question to ask yourself.

// Me too!

// Live-tweeting your father's death can be beautiful.

// I ordered a Fitbit! I've never been this excited to walk.

P.S. In case you missed it, highlights from my trip to Shanghai.

(Photo: Thom Sheridan)


  1. Thanks for these links!! The live-tweeting father's death link was so incredibly powerful and sad. Also, I've read about the fitbit and it makes me want to order one as well! (too bad I don't really have the funds for it right now) -- enjoy yours though, make sure to do a review! (:

    1. You should check out Amber's blog: She's the one who live-tweeted her dad's death and she's one of my favourite Internet people.

      I'm not sure if I'll do a review, but I'm loving the fitbit so far!


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