Thursday, April 03, 2014

preschool conversations: I've got a girlfriend!

I had the cutest conversation with one of my students the other day, right after several of the boys announced they had girlfriends:

Me: B, you have a girlfriend?

B: (with a huge grin) Yup!

Me: Who is she?

B: [Insert name I forget here.]

Me: How old is she?

B: Um... 5! (Holding up five fingers)

Me: How did you meet?

B: By my locker! She was going to da bathroom!

Me: Oh, wow! Does she know she's your girlfriend?

B: Yah! We see each other sometimes!


  1. Cute!! I love student quotes. They always keep things entertaining. (I teach at an international school in Turkey!) :)

  2. Thank you!

    I just clicked through to your profile and website! I'm excited to follow your adventures! And I see that you're a teacher/librarian? So jealous! My favourite job I ever had was working in a library.

  3. I love this (: This inspires me to post cute kid quotes after I graduate and finally start teaching (unfortunately won't be for a while). Thanks for the smile!

  4. Don't worry, the time will pass quicker than you think! It did for me at least :) And in the meantime, you can post cute or funny things you overhear; I've done that:


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