Thursday, March 06, 2014

on $60 candles and choosing.

Lately it seems like I've been seeing these Diptyque candles pop up all over the blogs I read and I've been filled with that envy we sometimes experience of people we don't know in real life, I wish I could afford a $60 candle

Then, the other day, a blogger posted a photo on Instagram of, you guessed it, a Diptyque candle. And again, I thought, I wish I could afford a $60 candle. But all of a sudden I was like, Wait a minute! I can afford a $60 candle. I just choose not to buy $60 candles. My whole attitude was changed! I wasn't jealous of people smelling $60 smells anymore; I was instantly happier with my much cheaper Ikea candles. 

And that of course, made me start thinking of all of the things I do choose to spend my money on. And then I started thinking about how lucky I am. I make money and I'm able to afford the things I really want. I mean, no, I can't afford huge shopping sprees or extravagant trips, but if I really want something, I can usually afford it. And those bigger things, I'm in a position to save for them. 

Right now, my priority is paying off my student loan and I'm saving for Tony to come visit Canada this summer. 

What are your priorities? What are you saving for? 

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