Tuesday, March 04, 2014

happy in beijing.

You may have heard Pharrell's "Happy," but have you seen "'Happy' in Beijing"? I saw this video last week, right after seven (I think?) straight days of pollution at hazardous levels. And I'll admit, while I sometimes say I don't like Beijing, I'm usually pretty happy here. This video was a great reminder of that.

I've bookmarked it to watch whenever I start hatin' on my current home. And I'm sure I'll watch it after I move away (whenever that may be) and feel nostalgic. So many things in this video make me think of what I'll call "my Beijing": Heyrobics exercise class instructors, big bunches of colourful helium balloons, candied fruit on a stick, raw meat hanging in markets, pineapple being sold from a cart on the street, tuktuks, the architecture, delivery bikes, Sanlitun, and yes, even the masks and pollution.

I love my home and for now, I'm happy in Beijing!

Now, who wants to come visit??


  1. I want to congratulate you on realizing the purpose of life. Celebrating every moment and trying to find what makes you happy. True joy comes from stimulating your mind, body and souk and I think your journey will do exactly that. Congratulations. You are creating a world full of sunshine and whimsy. If only we all had that courage. carry on! We should all be so brave as to do what makes us happy and follow the whispers of intrigue that lead us through life.

  2. What a sweet comment! Thank you so much, Kate!


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