Tuesday, December 03, 2013

on my mind.

// I am on the hunt for a good agenda/planner for 2014. I've been keeping track of my life digitally and I've come to the conclusion that it really doesn't work for me. I think I was much more productive/happy (you know if you could hear me, I would have said that "slash") when I was writing and crossing things off on paper.

Any suggestions? It has to be good. I'm extremely picky when it comes to planners (just as I am when it comes to iPhone cases). It has to have a monthly view as well as a daily or weekly. I prefer one that has a way to mark which date I'm on, such as a ribbon or elastic or corners that tear away. There needs to be space to write notes: to do lists, cute things my students say, quotes, etc. It should be pretty or whimsical or cute, plain or bold. The Sarah Pinto Horseshoe Weekly Planner above is a contender.

// Does anyone else like ginger ale? I wouldn't say I LOVE it, but every once in a while, I crave it. And not just when I have the flu. It's such a simple flavour. Bubbly and comforting, I think. But maybe it just seems that way to me because it makes me think of my Nan. Okay, new question: Does anyone else think ginger ale is an old people drink? (No offense, Nan!)

// I really feel like I need at least 2 full days (probably more) to catch up on all of the stuff I need/want to do. Things like update my resume and apply for jobs, tidy the apartment, study Mandarin, update my photo albums on FB, blog, figure out good wintery lessons for teaching the alphabet and numbers 1-10. (Please don't laugh at that last one; it really is difficult to teach these things to 25 4-year-olds whose second language is English, I promise.)

// Today one of my students, a little boy I'll call "B," said, "Ms. Amanda! There are bees in my body!"
I asked, "Bees?"
He said, "Yes! You know, bzzzz!" and flapped his arms.
It turns out, his back was itchy. I scratched it for him and he said, "Thanks! Bees all gone!" 

// Was reminded again today: There's no point worrying.


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  2. No point in worrying about anything really because at any moment the Yellowstone supervolcano could erupt and blot out the sun and starve the world.

    And like. It's bad for you.

  3. I'm a definite fan of ginger ale! I find it refreshing every once in a while. And bees...what a creative student you have! :)


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