Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the sky was blue today.

I don't think my life is bad, but I also don't think it's as good as it could (slash, I want) it to be.

Sometimes I find myself weighed down by things. (Don't we all??) I feel so heavy because of a messy apartment and a stressful job and the cycle of wake up - work all day - come home and do nothing - go to sleep - do it all over again, the feeling that my life isn't as exciting wonderful amazing as everyone else's and before I know it I'm crying or yelling, "I hate this!" (This being the apartment, or the job, or the cycle.) But the reality is, I don't actually hate any of it.

Sometimes it just all feels blah.

But. BUT! I know it isn't. I know life is good.

Sometimes I just need a reminder. And today I got one. I was reading Amber's blog post and right there smack! at the bottom of it were these words:

"Right now is where all the good stuff is. Where the sky is blue and someone loves you and you have a cup of hot coffee next to your elbow."

And oh my God, Universe, I get it. I get it!

Because guess what.

The sky was blue today and someone who loves me had just brought me the cup of hot coffee that was next to my elbow.

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