Saturday, August 17, 2013

surprise! I'm back in beijing!

I was supposed to fly out on Saturday and land Sunday afternoon, but the thought of getting in Sunday evening and having to work Monday morning, and having a new classroom AND apartment to set up was stressing me out. So I checked to see if I could change my flight to a few days earlier and I could! I got to come back 3 days early and will hopefully be coming home after work Monday to a fully set-up apartment so I can r-e-l-a-x. (Totally worth 50 bucks, right?)

So, that's the actual reason I came back early and I was going to tell people, including Tony, but then I figured, Hey! Perfect opportunity to surprise him! So began approximately 3 weeks of withholding information and telling the occasional lie ;) (For the record, I hate lying, but figured it was okay in this case. Happy lies, people, happy lies :)

I also didn't tell almost any friends or family either though, because I was worried someone would accidentally post something like, Have a safe flight today! or whatever on Facebook and Tony would see it and surprise ruined. Womp womp. So, more half-truths and whole lies.

Anyway, long story short, I got home Thursday evening and walked into the apartment. Tony was sitting on the floor using his computer and just stared at me. He didn't say anything! His cousin got up and said, "Hi." And Tony still just sat there staring! So I walked further into the room, said, "Ni hao!" and he finally got up and walked towards me. "How?! Why?!" he exclaimed. And I laughed and said, "I wanted to surprise you!" And we hugged and laughed and lived happily ever after.

Except not really. Really, we hung out, went to dinner with his friends (at No Pork!), he got my iPhone working with my Chinese SIM card and got me set up on a data plan, and we went to bed. Then he spent all day yesterday at his cousin's place two hours away, and I hardcore cleaned the apartment. All day.

And today: Today, we will unpack, go to Carrefour (a big supermarket, kind of like Walmart), and IKEA. I'm ready for this place to feel like home! Also, I'm totally kicking jet lag's butt!


  1. happy for you! welcome 'home'! :) :)



  4. I promise, no reason to be jealous. I'm guessing the Carrefours in China are a bit different than ones you have experience with. I think they are the same store, same company, but think super crowded, kind of dirty and sometimes smelly, and less than stellar customer service. But! It's always an adventure going there!


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