Saturday, June 08, 2013

vocab lessons with T-Man: being a cheerio.

Note: There's a lot I don't blog about (obviously). Because I can't, don't want to, don't know how, or am not ready to. But, two things: 

1. I've been thinking a lot lately that I want to be more "real." I want to blog the hard stuff, the embarrassing stuff, the everyday stuff, the stuff that maybe most people don't want to share with the world because... well, because we're human, but that's why I want to blog about it. Because we're human.

2. Sometimes things happen that I want to blog about and can blog about and am ready to blog about, but because there's stuff I haven't blogged about for various reasons, you might not have all the backstory so I don't blog the things I want/can/am ready to. But today I decided I'm going to blog these things anyway because a) one of the reasons I blog is to keep a record of things I want to remember b) you might laugh/relate to/like whatever it is even without the full backstory. 

So... here is one of many "vocab lessons with T-Man":

[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: are you still going to play basketball today?
[13-06-07] T-Man: maybe not
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: it might not be a good idea
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: but if you do, be careful!
[13-06-07] T-Man: i wont play i think, but i will be there
[13-06-07] T-Man: be a cheerio
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: hahahaha
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: cheerio?
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: who made that up?
[13-06-07] T-Man: oh
[13-06-07] T-Man: ME
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: hahahahahah
[13-06-07] T-Man: what
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: nothing, i like it
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: did you mean cheerleader?
[13-06-07] T-Man: No
[13-06-07] T-Man: not the leader
[13-06-07] T-Man: what should i say
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: cheerleader doesn't mean you're the leader
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: it just means you'll cheer for them
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: you could also just say you'll be a fan
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: or a spectator
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: or you'll just watch and cheer for them
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: but i like your word: cheerio. it's funny
[13-06-07] T-Man: i thought i heard this word from some tv shows
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: maybe
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: i've only heard it to mean two other things:
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: 1. a kind of cereal
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: 2. in England, "cheerio!" means bye, i think
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: like, "cheerio, ol' chap!" haha
[13-06-07] T-Man: kind of cereal??
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: yah
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer:
[13-06-07] T-Man: eh, i think it's kind of brand
[13-06-07] T-Man: anyway
[13-06-07] T-Man: but i really heard this word from the tv show
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: AHA!
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: you did i think!
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: Glee?
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: I just googled it
[13-06-07] T-Man: maybe
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: on wikipedia it says: A cheerleader on Glee (TV series)
[13-06-07] Amanda Greer: hahaha

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