Friday, June 14, 2013

he makes me a happier person.

Last Sunday, Tony and I were walking home after having brunch, and I realized something: He makes me a happier person. 

We were walking back in the rain and it was pouring and my skirt was so wet it looked like I had peed myself and then we were laughing about water getting in my Starbucks and he was laughing so loud and I was laughing so loud and I realized it and this is what I told him:

"Babe, I just realized something. You make me a happier person. Like, yah, you make me happy like Melissa said—you make me laugh and you do nice things for me and you're hot—but also in another way. YOU are such a happy person and you laugh so much and you're nice and it makes me happier. Like, I laugh a lot anyway, but I think because you're so happy, it makes ME happier. I'm smiling a lot more because of you, I think."

So that's where I'm at right now—in a relationship with someone who makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me happier, makes me feel more like me.

P.S. Yah, Tony is T-Man. It's a nickname my friend used to talk about him when we first started dating and we still use it once in awhile. I even call him T-Man sometimes when I'm talking to him. Now it's like a little joke, something else to laugh and smile about.


  1. I love this so much, and not just because I have a guy like that too (he makes me happier, nicer, braver, more adventurous...all of the good stuff) but because everyone should be so lucky. Yay!

  2. I think you've found a key to relationships. Joy. Life is better when you surround yourself with people who bring you joy. I'm so glad you have someone, especially such a handsom guy, who brings this gift to you.

  3. I could not be happier for you <3


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