Saturday, May 04, 2013

days like this are my favourite.

Last weekend Guill, Katie, and I went to Yuyuantan Park (Jade Lake Park). Or, we thought we did anyway.

Here's the message I sent them the next day:

Guys! We are stupid! I just burst out laughing at how ridiculous we are! 

I was showing Tony my photos and he asked, "Did you see the lake?" And I was like, "Lake? No... there was no lake... was there? Oh my God! The name is Jade Lake Park! OF COURSE there was a lake!" Tony said, "Did you buy the ticket?" (To see the cherry garden... the whole reason we went... it would have cost 10 RMB.) Me: "Oh my God! We didn't even go INTO the actual park, did we?!"

Guys! The park has a lake! And a cherry garden! And a Liuchun Garden with forsythias, magnolias, roses, crab-apple trees! And an island! And an ancient pine forest! 

Even though we didn't see the lake, or the cherry garden, or the ancient pine forest, we had a fantastic time. We laughed a ridiculous amount about ridiculous things. I don't even remember most of what we laughed so much about now, but I remember the feeling. It felt so good to be with friends, to be laughing, to be skipping and walking and spinning and laughing.

Days like this are my favourite, easily.

(But I'm going back to that park...)

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