Monday, May 06, 2013

conversations with best friends: embracing flaws.

Me: "He loves God!"

Melissa: "And I love Michael Jackson. Some people would consider that a flaw, but I embrace it."

Laughing. So much laughing.

Melissa: "You like to pick people's dead skin off their bodies.* I could NOT accept that, but I accept it because you are my friend and I love you."

*Picking people's dead skin off their bodies equals peeling sunburns, in case that's not clear.


  1. This is a very weird first comment to leave, but you are not alone. I too enjoy picking sunburns.

  2. <3 I have bookmarked this post so I can remember it forever! I love you :)

  3. Ashley - haha no worries, I'm just glad you left a comment! and besides, it's kind of a weird post :)

    Melissa - Love you too!


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