Monday, February 04, 2013

i went parasailing in boracay!

And it was amazing! I'd only ever seen parasailing on TV and in movies, but I always thought, "I want to do that someday."

I'm not a big fan of heights, but surprisingly, I wasn't that nervous -- despite the faces I made in some of the photos and a story someone told me about a Korean couple blowing away. (Although, Adam pointed out that it was kind of crazy that they only used one rope. What if it snapped?!)

It was so calm at the top. I thought that the harness might be uncomfortable or even hurt my legs, but it was fine. Relaxing, even. Adam and I both said we could have napped -- if we hadn't been too busy looking around (and devising a plan for what we would do if the rope snapped; Pencil Dive!). 

Really, though, the only "scary" part was being reeled in because the rope was tense and felt jerky.

When I booked the trip to Boracay, the two things I said I definitely wanted to do were parasailing and snorkelling. I'm so glad I got to do both. 


  1. Who took the pictures? Some of them are awesome!

  2. I took the ones of the crew getting ready and a couple of friends took the rest!

  3. I haven't tried this one, I'm a bit afraid of heights, but it looks fun up there. Hopefully, when I get back and booked a trip to Boracay, I'll have the courage to do this! haha


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