Thursday, July 26, 2012


Melissa picks me up a little after noon and we run errands. Library, her dad's work, her bank, my bank, the post office.

We eat lunch. An "Anna Sandwich" from the Pantry Gift Shop. It's my first since high school and although it's good, it's not quite as good as I remember. Which is probably nostalgia's fault.

As I watch Melissa make her excited face, I laugh and tell her I'm going to miss her. I realize I already miss her.

Ice cream sundaes at Dari Delite. I remember that everything tastes better with sunshine.

We stop at the grocery store and after grabbing the produce needed for supper, I make Melissa go the long way to the checkout. I'm even nostalgic about grocery stores.

We go for a "bumble." Driving down twisty country roads is my favourite and I think to myself that as much as I want to live in a city, I'll miss this. The wind is a bit too cold but my window is down anyway. The sunroof is open and I exclaim, "I love sunroofs!" Because I do.

Melissa's house has a screened-in porch. As I recline in a chair, beer in hand, I tell her, "I should have brought my book." That's how I know we're good friends.

Her parents come home from work and we have supper. Grilled vegetable salad, broccoli salad, tossed salad, bbq'd potatoes, chicken, and steak. Blueberry cheesecake and tea for dessert. We laugh a lot.

Her brother comes home and we laugh some more.

It's time for Melissa to drive me home and we laugh while we get in the vehicle. We sing along to the radio but don't talk. We don't need to. That's how I know we're good friends.

We drive past the library and enter the bridge. I turn to her.

"Is it possible to be homesick before you even leave?"

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  1. I have book marked this blog post. I want to remember this day forever <3 It's the happiest I have felt in a while, and I thank you and your kind heart for that.


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