Monday, July 02, 2012

hello, monday!

It's Monday so I'm linking up with Lisa to say hello!

Hello, celebrating the marriage of my best friend, Tiffy, to her love, Keithy. (Yup, that's what I call him in true Mandy style.)

Hello to late nights and early mornings. 

Hello, hair and makeup, flowers and jewelry, dresses and high heels. 

Hello to lots of smiles and laughs, and a few tears, too. 

Hello to moving from the place I've called home for over a year.

Hello to living with Nan for the rest of the summer in preparation for a BIG move in August.

Hello, watching Magic Mike with my momma.

Hello, Canada Day fireworks with Nan. We oohed and ahhed, and smiled at the kids next to us that exclaimed, "That one was pretty!" about every firework.

Hello to relaxing today in preparation for a busy couple of days.

Hello, Monday!

What are you saying hello to?

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