Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a list of favourites.

Lately, when something makes me happy, I think (or yell), "This is my favourite thing ever!"

And because I think it's important to notice what makes you happy, I made a list of some of my favourite things:

greek yogurt
eating outside
taking a hot/cold shower after a run
being barefoot
bright yellow dandelions in fields of vivid green grass
rainy days
grey skies
edamame beans
apples and peanut butter
my apple corer
making wishes on dandelions
wearing my Nan's sweater
reading blogs
drinking coffee
falling asleep
feeling a cool breeze
walking down the road and feeling the sun on my shoulders
Friday Night Lights

How can so many things be my favourite things ever? I love life, that's how.

What are some of your favourite things?


  1. Bottom right corner photo looks like trouble!

  2. We have so many favorite things: apples and pb, Friday Night Lights, sunshine.

    My faves are my cat, yoga, brunch, good books.

    Cute post :)

  3. Thanks, Amy! Good books should definitely have made my list!

  4. In the last two weeks you could have almost every single one of those things at my house :)

    Some things on my list:
    the smell of a sunshiny horse
    fresh cut grass (or hayfield)
    Tucker (my Boston)
    Iced caramel macchiatos

  5. I am definitely going to have to visit sometime! One of my favourite things is caramel macchiatos but I've never had an iced one. I'm just starting to like iced coffee drinks so I'll have to try to find a place I can get one!

  6. yes, yes. i love this list amanda! looks like you're having a gorgeous summer. you seem to make the most of each day. enjoy the weekend. xo.

  7. Thank you, Marta! Your comment means a lot because I know YOU make the most of each day.


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