Thursday, June 14, 2012

happy birthday, Mere!

I met Meredith a little over 3 years ago. Soon after that first meeting, she witnessed me eat a panzarotti, garlic fingers, salad, and ice cream, and was shocked when I proclaimed I was still hungry. Luckily, my big appetite and knack for speaking way too loudly didn't scare her off. In fact, we became best friends. 

She is 24 today so I wanted to share some of the reasons why she's the best thing since chocolate-dipped cones: 

She'll draw on your arm in Survey of Children's Literature and then give you the nickname "Tigger."

She'll continue to refer to you as Tigger for the next two years and you'll know she's mad if she doesn't. 

She sees everything as an adventure and gets excited about it: "It's an adventure, Tig!"

She'll take you with her to Toronto to spend Christmas with her family. 

She'll give you the dill pickle from her burger every time and won't judge you (too much) when you eat a whole jar of them at Christmas dinner. 

She will learn how to play "Keep Breathing" on the guitar and perform it for you at a coffee house. 

She will take you to the Hopewell Rocks and wear funny hats. 

She will sleep on your bedroom floor when you have a broken heart and don't want to be alone. 

She will learn how to play crib. 

She will kick your butt when you play crib.

She will walk for blocks in Montréal with a broken ankle to find a café that serves real hot chocolate. 

She will send you care packages with your favourite things. 

She cooks the best Kraft Dinner. 

She will surprise you with a ticket to see Ingrid Michaelson

She loves Gilmore Girls as much as I do, if not more. 

She gives the best hugs. 

She'll remind you that when you're feeling down, you should stop feeling sad and feel awesome instead. 

She doesn't care if you could host the Olympics on your back. 

Mere, this list could go on and on. Thank you for everything and have a happy, happy birthday! 

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