Tuesday, June 26, 2012

how to prepare for the real world.

Yesterday was my last day of university (probably) ever. I graduated from St. Thomas University, a liberal arts school, with a Bachelor of Arts last year. I'll graduate from STU again next month, this time with a Bachelor of Education. I've been wondering how I'll survive the "Real World" but after reading "The Chumbawamba Principle: A Commencement Address" by Robert Krulwich, I think I'll be just fine:

"How do you stay safe in a world where jobs are scarce, where there's downsizing and outsourcing? Because that's how it is now, and that's how it's likely to stay for a while. It's rough out there. So how do you prepare for the bad weather of The Real World?

Well, maybe you've just done it. By coming here. Maybe choosing this school, a truly liberal arts college, taught by people who improvise, who teach across departmental lines, who believe in knowing more than one thing, and, above all, who are teaching you every day, by example, how to learn. Maybe being here, learning this way, will protect you going forward...

And because you've lived with people who aren't as afraid of being a little different, who know how to explore and dream, and you've studied with them, been taught by them and made them your friends, by now, you know one when you see one...

This is very important, crucially important, to notice potential allies -- and to recruit them, keep them close and to keep doing that all your life..."

I encourage you to read the rest of Krulwich's address because it really is astounding, and is filled with more advice and more words of encouragement.

(Photo by Jason P. Smith, via Bangor Daily News)

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  1. My two favourite parts (that you didn't already put on your post):

    "Nobody can do this but you. Starting now, the teachers, the coaches, the uncles, the friends will begin to fall away and leave you alone to figure out what will make you happy later in your life. For some people, it's not easy to listen to yourself, to honor your own feelings, particularly if you haven't done it much. But this is your job now: to listen, not to someone else's heart and expectations, but to your own"

    "You don't become yourself by yourself. You become you, boosted on others' shoulders, buoyed by others' smiles. You may be a singular person, but your success will always be plural."

    Oh..and the cute story about his mother going to the movies.

    That was a fantastic address! I agree with everything you told me about it. Wish he would speak at our graduation. Thanks for sharing :)


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