Monday, June 04, 2012

hello, monday!

I am ready to hit the ground running this morning! It's going to be a busy week and I'm eager to get it started. That's why I'm linking up with Lisa to shout, "Hello, Monday!"

Hello, yellow walls that caused me to squeal with excitement and ask my roommate to pull over so I could take a picture. Yellow in any shade makes me happy and wouldn't these walls make an awesome background for photos?

Hello to movie nights with roommates. We watched Big and Legally Blonde. Or, rather, they watched movies. I fell asleep while Tom Hanks grew up and I did homework while Reese Witherspoon became a lawyer.

Hello to a cookie jar full of banana chocolate chip cookies. I'll be sharing the recipe here soon.

Hello, homework. Hours and hours of homework. While it's not so fun at the time, crossing items off my to do list will always make me smile.

Hello, farmers' market. I love the smells, the crowds, and the food.

Hello to Tim Hortons coffee being delivered by my momma. (She loves me :) It and this song got me through yesterday's homework marathon.

Hello, field trip, meetings, grad dinner, and more homework. This Monday is a busy one and I am ready!

What are you saying hello to?


  1. I would have squealed over those yellow walls too and stopping for a picture would be a must for me!

    I hope you have a lovely week!

    Elyse @ Shabby Sweet Tea


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