Friday, May 11, 2012

may photo a day 1-7.

I have to admit, I thought about not doing Fat Mum Slim's May Photo a Day Challenge because sometimes I feel too pressured to take a photo each day. (Ha! Taking a photo each day makes me feel pressured? I need to man up!) Anyway, as I said in my final post from the April challenge, I like that these challenges get me to pause and look around. And that leads to less pressure and more appreciating of what's around me. 

So, here are my photos from the first seven days: 

1. peace {Mary Engelbreit calendar}
2. skyline {Vermont, July 2011} 
3. something I wore today {comfy clothes in pretty colours} 
4. fun! {shoe shopping}
5. bird {chased him around like bird paparazzi}
6. me {from my trip to Vermont}
7. someone that inspires me {Cara, because she is kind, funny, smart, caring, determined, and I could keep going and going...}

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