Thursday, May 10, 2012

april photo a day 23-30.

I participated in Fat Mum Slim's April Photo a Day Challenge. Here are my photos from the final week: 

23. vegetable {butternut squash}
24. something I'm grateful for {home}
25. looking down {rainboots & reflections}
26. black + white {walk}
27. somewhere I went {Second Cup - perfect rainy day location}
28. 1pm {going to the mall to shop for bridesmaid shoes}
29. circle {cupcake satisfaction}
30. something that makes me sad {my last week in this class}

Photos from days 1-6 here, 7-13 here, and 14-22 here.

I really enjoy these photo challenges. It gives me a chance to pause each day and take a look at what's around me. Friends have told me that one of the things they appreciate about me is that I treasure the little things in life, the fleeting moments that can be easily glossed over each day. These challenges give me even more reason to do so.

I'm participating in the May Photo a Day Challenge as well. You can follow along on Instagram.

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