Friday, January 27, 2012

happy friday!

If I don't think about the massive amounts of homework I have to do this weekend, I can be happy that today is Friday. Secretly, or not so secretly now that I'm sharing this thought here, I kind of wish it was still Wednesday or Thursday. Only because that would mean a couple of extra days to get work done. 

Anyway, enough with the grumbles about work because today is Friday so we must celebrate what made us happy!

// Wednesday was a banner day for me, dudes. Here's why:

My elementary science class went on a field trip to Science East. So much (educational) fun was had. I'd already been there a couple of times but they always seem to have new exhibits which means you learn something new every time you visit. I would recommend visiting Science East if you have kids, are a teacher, want to have fun with a friend, or if you're going on a date. It really is fun for everyone!

I saw a few of my kindergarteners while we were there! One little girl came running over to me, jumped into my arms, and said, "Mrs. Greer! I'm all grown-ed up!"

Afterwards, 3 of my roommates and I went to ReLiSH for supper (above). I had the "L.A. is my Lady." SO good!

And then, despite feeling like a food baby was growing in my stomach, I ran a little more than 5K (3.25 miles) on the treadmill!

// Thursday was good, too:

I got good news at my doctor's appointment. It was the first time in a while that I've left the doctor's office with a smile.

My group delivered our presentation on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to our Educational Psychology class. It created a lot of discussion and I'd say it was a success!

We went to Second Cup afterwards for celebratory hot drinks.

Cara and I had an impromptu Skype date when I got home. We talked for over 2 hours (until 1AM)!

// More happiness:

Today's Professional Development session was cancelled because of a snow storm. This means that I was able to sleep in. (Good thing after the Skype date :)

My new favourite meal: whole wheat pasta with spinach, grape tomatoes, any other veggies that I have on hand, and just a bit of olive oil.

I've run a little more than 8 miles this week. I've made an unofficial goal in my head to run 366 miles this year, an average of a mile a day.

What made you happy this week?


  1. I love that resolution! Mine was to do 7 miles a week (but no stipulation if it was a walk or run), and yours is a better and more ambitious version.
    Good luck with the homework--I'm in the same boat with you. (Unfortunately.)

    1. I don't think mine is better! Being active is fantastic, no matter how often or how much!

  2. An interview that went really well. A lovely bottle of Pinot Noir and smiles from my baby girl! :)


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