Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares

I've wanted to read this book since it came out in June and I finally got it from the library a couple of weeks ago. I just finished it last night and wow, it did not disappoint. (I would have finished it sooner but I've been tired lately, so I've only been reading a bit each night.) 

Sisterhood Everlasting is the fifth book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and it is every bit as wonderful magical as the first four. Full of wisdom, love, sadness, and happiness, I want to hug it. Or read it over and over. Instead, I'll return it to the library so that someone else can fall in love all over again with Tibby, Carmen, Lena, and Bridget. 

Here are some of my favourite bits of magic

"Growing up is hard on a friendship. There's no revelation in that. I remember my mom once told me that a good family is built for leaving, because that is what children must do. And I've wondered many times, is that also what a good friendship is supposed to be built for?"

"I wish I could make you feel as strong and as loved as you are. You'll find your way, because of that, and because you have the thing that so often wavered in me. You have faith. Not in God necessarily, but in the thing with feathers. You are brightness... You are hope. No matter how far down you get, you'll always have it." 

"It was frustrating how when people loved you they took an interest in you and sometimes worried about you and personally cared what you did with yourself. Lena wished that love were something you could flip on and off. You could turn it on when you felt good about yourself and worthy of it and generous enough to return it. You could flip it off when you needed to hide or self-destruct and had nothing at all to give... It was probably good you couldn't flip the love switch, because sometimes it was what you needed, even if you didn't want it." 

"They were tranquil tears, even philosophical ones, but deeply sad as they slid down from the corners of her eyes into her hair and ears."

"You get older and you learn there is one sentence, just four words long, and if you can say it to yourself it offers more comfort than almost any other. It goes like this... 'At least I tried.'" 

"I've got a heart that appears to have broken open. I feel hopeful where I am."


  1. Oof! I skipped reading the whole post because I didn't want any spoilers. I have it sitting on my shelf in my room. If I'd known you wanted to read it, I would have leant it to you! My aunt said it was so sad and kind of disappointing but I'm happy you loved it. Now I have hope!

  2. I just simply loved the Sisterhood- series! and the last book was exactly what I wished it to be...


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