Thursday, November 17, 2011

a rant + the solution to my problems.

Last night, I went from being happy-happy-joy-joy to annoyed-frustrated-sad-sad in about 2 seconds. It was NOT a pretty scene. It was a pretty pathetic scene, actually. To the misfortune of my friends and roommates, it ended with a weepy, angry, 12 minute rant (that is an approximate length; no one timed it) during which I listed what's been bothering / worrying me lately. Most of the items on the list may have sounded vain, pitiful, and random, but dude, they have been bothering / worrying me!

(Note: In real life, when I talk, I often say "slash." For example, if I was actually talking to you, I would say, "These things are bothering slash worrying me." I do it ALL the time, even with things that are only remotely related. For example, I may say, "Did you watch Parenthood last night? Slash, I really need to re-watch all of the episodes of Gilmore Girls.")

ANYWAY, here's a partial list from what I will call "The Rant":

1. The toenails on my big toes. They used to be ingrown and I've had them removed twice. That's right, not once, but twice! Now, the nails are stubby, not very attractive (that's an understatement), and they still grow towards the sides! (They've been like this for a few years so they shouldn't bother me anymore, but every once in a while, they do. This time, I think the "bother" was triggered when someone saw them last week and said, "Well, those are some interesting toenails.")

2. My hair. It's not "flowing" the way it used to. It feels dull. I don't think it's as soft as it once was. To top it all off, it's falling out! Yup, since the summer, I've been finding little clumps everywhere. I'm surprised I'm not bald... yet.

3. Our shower. I hate the water pressure... because there is NO pressure! Also, the water is hard. As in, it dries my hair out. My skin, too. And, while we're discussing my skin...

4. My skin. I have had acne since about grade 6. There are times when my skin calms down and plays nice (a couple of people actually told me I was "glowing" last year) but other times, it acts out like a three year old throwing a temper tantrum in the candy aisle. It also gets dry. Very, very dry. How's that for a fun combination? At this time of year, my hands are the worst. My knuckles actually crack and bleed. 

5. Seams. And wrinkles in my sheets. I have SUCH a hard time getting comfortable. I feel every seam in my clothing and every wrinkle in my bed sheets. I'm like a dog getting ready for a nap; I have to stand up, turn around, and readjust myself many times before I'm finally comfortable.

6. Health insurance. Recently, I've had to get a few different prescriptions. Expensive prescriptions. Luckily, I'm still on my mom's Blue Cross plan, so I haven't had to pay for the entire prescription. BUT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AT THE END OF THE SUMMER??? Oh, being an adult...

7. What am I going to do with my life? Because, dude, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE?!

At the end of "The Rant," I came up with the solution to all of these problems. Or, at least the thing that would solve some of these problems and help me to feel better about the others.

Da da DA! (That was a drumroll.) 

Better water pressure and softer water. If we had softer water, my hair wouldn't be so dry and neither would my skin. It would probably help with the acne, too. And I'm a shower girl. As in, they make me feel better. I'm always saying to people, "Showers are my therapy. (Yes, along with Grey's.) They make me happy." So, while better water pressure and softer water may not pay for prescriptions or tell me what I should be doing with my life, it would help me calm the frig down.

A bright side to "The Rant": I now know that a requirement for my future homes should be an amazing shower. I wouldn't mind one that looked like this:

The tile is so my colour. If the water pressure sucked, the prettiness would almost make up for it. Almost

Anyway, if you have made it to the end of this post, you're a trooper. I promise I'll be back to my usual happy-happy-joy-joy self tomorrow. After all, it'll be happy Friday!

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  1. Amanda my dear, I have experience with these troubles, and more importantly, I come bearing suggestions!


    My hands drying out and cracking was one of the worst things about winter in New Brunswick. Perhaps that's an exaggeration. Winter in New Brunswick was pretty awful for me, hence now living in the desert. But this helped me survive proper winter. I slathered it on my hands at night and then wore a pair of those little dollar store gloves to bed over top. It worked like a charm.

    And also Neutrogena but a newer find:

    Because we're getting old (somebody has a birthday coming up!) and still getting breakouts. Ridiculous. BUT, they make a product for that. It doesn't dry my skin out at all! Lovely.

    As for the health care woes, just be glad that you don't live in the United States where everything is MADNESS. And re: not knowing what you're going to do with your life, PLEASE take some time to wander about or rest or similar if you need to. Rushing into things is SO not the way to happiness, let me tell you. Take a good long shower and give it some thought. Don't let it stress you out - stress is poison.

    Sending much love from Tucson,

    Room 006
    Holy Cross House

  2. I can so relate to the seams and right now the seams in the toes of my pantyhose are making me crazy! Do something nice for yourself& don't rush into any big decisions, you have a path, trust it will open itself up to you.

  3. I support you in whatever you decide to do with your life. You're 22. You have the rest of your life to settle down. Explore. No one expects you to know what to do for the rest of your life right now. At least that's what I tell myself.

    You are a wonderful person, and I'm always here for support and watching Friends :)

  4. I will admit I kinda giggled at part of this... but don't get mad! Its just that when we got to actually have that super rare IN PERSON visit I thought "wow she's even pretty than her pics and than I remembered" I was also envious of your hair. *sigh* SO pretty, and mine is so... so, NOT. :)

  5. Emily - I cannot even tell you how excited I was to read your comment! And I'm so glad you had tips to offer; I was hoping someone would. I've used the hand cream before and think I'll have to again. And I'm definitely going to check out the face cream. Thank you!

    onelittlemustardseed - Oh, sock and pantyhose seams are the worst! Thank you for commenting; I can always count on you for wise advice :)

    Melissa - Thank you! xo

    cdncowgirl - I'm not mad at all! Thank you for the compliments :) We're always harder on ourselves, eh? And you had your hair up when I saw you but I loved the colour!

  6. So last night I went to a friend's house for dinner and had a few glasses of wine and then I was thinking about you some more and I realized that in my little message here I had said that your birthday was coming up, which is clearly NOT the case. So I hopped on to this blog post on my phone and tried to express my anguish for mixing up your birthday (obviously one of the most important days of the year!) It seems that tipsy message didn't post, which is perhaps for the best. But please know my disgust with myself for such disgraceful confusion!

    Much love,

  7. So I totally have a solution for you! You need to buy a Speakman Shower head, it's only $31 - here's a link

    This bad boy was installed in the first home I purchased. At first I thought I was fortunate and that my new home had great water pressure...that was until I tried replacing the shower head with a hand held, only to find my apartment actually had TERRIBLE water pressure but the Speakman shower head was a miracle worker. Everyone that has ever stayed in the Boston Condo has always commented on how much they love the shower.

    If you doubt me, just ask Mara. When we got married and I moved to NY to her condo, first thing I did was buy a Speakman for our home (she had one of those really fancy/expensive shower heads that basically just rains on you and can't even wash shampoo out of your hair). Yet again, that shower head saved the day. You totally need to get it.

    And thanks for all your delightful comments on our blog, they always make us smile. We're grateful to have such vocal participants.


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