Friday, November 18, 2011

happy Friday!

Hooray! It's Friday! And despite being bothered/worried by things lately, it's been a happy week:

// I've been teaching "Writer's Workshop." In kindergarten, "writing" means drawing a picture, labeling it, and writing a sentence or two. I have to model all of this at the beginning of each lesson and I'm not the best at drawing (an understatement). That didn't stop one of my students from yelling, "Mrs. Greer! That's a really great lion! You're a good draw-er!" All of the other students shouted their agreement. 

(Note: You're probably thinking, "Forget drawing; you can't even spell!" The kids are supposed to learn how to spell phonetically first, so I have to write the words the way they sound. It kills me, but I'm doing what I'm told.)

// The teachers had a salad potluck for lunch on Wednesday. Everybody brought a contribution (spinach, tomatoes, almonds, etc.) and we made the most delicious salads! 

// Melissa and I finished the fifth season of Friends and started the sixth.

// Someone shared a poem with me that changed the way I think of dirty dishes. I'll post it next week!

// I had an ice cream date with friends. What's better than a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard and laughing until your eyes are watering and your stomach hurts? 

// I volunteered at the book fair at school. Books + Kids = Joy. 

// Sherry and I went to Snooty together Wednesday night. It was nice to catch up with someone from my BEd programme who's also teaching at an elementary school.

// Alex and I went to Christmas at the Market last night. Christmas music, crafty/pretty things, smiling/friendly people, followed by hot chocolate? I'm sold.

What made you happy this week?

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my post Joy + Sadness...all in one day. I appreciate your sincere words. It was very hard to let her go, but she was sick and needed peace. It's like losing a dear friend. So sad. On a happy note, I had great time with friends on Thursday and that helped to balance out the pain of saying good-bye.


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