Sunday, October 02, 2011

on journaling.

I've kept a journal for the past two years. Sometimes I write frequently, other times, weeks pass without writing a word. Sometimes I write whole sentences and paragraphs, other times, I write fragments. My journal is a place where I jot quotes, write out my feelings, keep lists, and record things I want to remember. I've saved tickets from shows, notes from friends, magazine clippings, and other random mementos by taping them into my journal.

For the most part, my journal is very personal and I rarely let anyone read it.

Every now and then, I look through my journals (I'm on my second) and find inspiration and/or happiness that had been forgotten. I also find things that cause pangs of nostalgia. 

Today, I smiled and sighed contentedly when I read a quick observation I wrote back in August. That led to the decision that I'll occasionally share here what I've written in my journals.

Check back on Tuesday to see what made me smile!

1 comment:

  1. So now you're just teasing us and not going to tell us until Tuesday!


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